* curious about how we engage with the world *

Straddling the introvert-extrovert line, I am unwilling to compromise on any identity I have cultivated. I seek to switch all of my ‘hats,’ embellish them, and stack them.

I have a disdain for the absence of accountability, and hold fast the idyllic wish for a world full of discourse and empathy.

Keep the intersectional feminism coming…


“Life may contain the ‘essence’ (what else could?); recollection, the repetition in imagination, may decipher the essence and deliver to you the ‘elixir’; and eventually you may even be privileged to ‘make’ something out of it, ‘to compound the story.’ But life itself is neither essence nor elixir, and if you treat it as such it will only play its tricks on you.”


Hannah Arendt on Isak Dinesen, Men in Dark Times